Buffalo and Chris b-day weekend!

This weekend was great, it was Christopher b-day and he had a party on Friday which i barely made it to haha! Good times like always. Saturday was a good day with a mall trip, nap and going out, i was worn out but the best part was the junk food at the end of the night! God I love junk food.

The B-day Boy!

The drive home was good, didn't see much snow like they'd been warning about, however this morning was a mess, it took me 45 minutes to get my car moving off the ice that was covered with snow.

See, she's got a beard hahaha!

Postat av: Janne

Vem e den lycklige? Jag har missat hela grejen tror jag!

2009-03-03 @ 00:02:40
Postat av: Magnus Moberg

WOW :)

2009-03-03 @ 00:10:49
Postat av: Cami

Det ar min snygge van fran Norr.

2009-03-03 @ 03:20:04
Postat av: S

Camilla lilla, vem e herrn?

2009-03-03 @ 07:01:20
Postat av: Anonym

Awwww! Gullig! Ruuuulig bil bild.

2009-03-03 @ 16:47:19
Postat av: I.M.M.O

Valentines mannen? Samma?

2009-03-03 @ 22:47:18
Postat av: Jasse o Rickard

Vilken stilig en ;)

2009-03-04 @ 15:45:41
Postat av: cami

tack tack

2009-03-04 @ 23:39:23
Postat av: J. Kenekoski

Rakas Cami,

Onhan ihan ihahat kuvat sulla Cami.

En tunne mieskaveriasi mutta komea on,

niin on vaan. Ja itsekkin, kaunis kun auringon paiste itse,

Kaikkea mukavaa,



2009-03-05 @ 18:52:15

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