Vacation days, Vegas, New Orleans, Travolta and change of haircolor.

Our girls group is going to New Orleans this year, instead of Las Vegas like the past years. We are about 10-20 people going every year, I think for this year a new destination was good. I love Vegas for a weekend, gambling or not, always good times there.  The hotels are just amazing. Venetian is the best, Ceasars Palace was cool too, a friend of mine just came back from there saying the Wynn was great. Old Vegas is cool, with the real old casinos.

I like the girls trips, they are the best, but I'm not sure if I have enough vacation days to go to New Orleans, with Sweden, I want to make a summer trip and a X-mas trip, Outer Banks, Miami and all..But New Orleans sounds fun, Bourbon Street!  What's with the necklaces ;) ?

Outside the New York hotel..

Mandalay Bays beach pool. Love that place.


Maybe I'll blackmail my boss with these pictures:

Playin' air guitar or dancing with an imaginary lady friend? Is this Travolta or Jon, no one knows.

Obvious message? This would look weird unless I knew he was pointing at the maraccas this unknown lady was holding in her hand. I have no clue what she is pointing at tho.

Also, I am blond again.

Postat av: B

Hahahahahahahahah, that looks so hilarious!! That man does not stop surprising me.

2009-02-12 @ 22:51:11
Postat av: Cami

Mr Jon is quite a dancer. Overkill is when does the emotional fish and the fisher HAHAHAHA.

2009-02-18 @ 06:34:21
Postat av: I.M.M.O

I just laughed when I thought of it. You are a blond sweidish nurse!

2009-02-21 @ 20:53:18

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