Friday, Buffalo, Icecream

Ok, so this day finally came :)
I got my hair touched up last night and it got very dark! Good thing it washes off a little.
A slow and stressful day at one today, we played a little pinball in the loading dock! Fun FUn!

These are the new icecreams in Sweden this season! Too bad I can't get them here..


1. Magnum Temptation Caramel & Almonds
2. Nogger Mint
3. Solero Berry Berry
4. Sandwich Stracciatella
5. Lemon Age
6. Ben&Jerry's Wich
7. Magnum Temptation Chocolate

A few more hours of work and I'll start my drive to Buffalo!
My car is packed and ready, and i did not forget the most important thing for long drives, the Ipod.

Postat av: Henrik

Du bor i fel land. Oj vad jag ska mummsa på dom där glassarna.

Kör försiktigt där sen!


2009-02-27 @ 21:14:29
Postat av: Anonym

Ben&Jerry's baby! Yeah!

2009-03-16 @ 16:09:46
Postat av: Mia

Glass är gott! I stora lass.

2009-03-17 @ 19:41:29

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