Q is coming home today! He's been home in Lincoln, Nebraska for about 2 weeks or so.

Check out this blog, The Weekly Geek:

Oh, I found this bed at IKEA, it's a round bed. And I like it. Don't know where to keep the pillows and what to consider "my side of the bed" but it's so cool. When I get a home suitable for this I will def get it.
It's going to be like an empty room except for the bed. Big windows and all that.
I'm looking at the picture, the bed is kind of made of 4 pieces, if sleeping in the middle, I hope they wont start sliding apart? Are there round blankets and sheets?

To my friend far away, I miss you!

I found these pictures on Facebook, of myself hahahaaa. No memory of them being taken, but my hair is very dark and it looks like the gucci saddle, so I guess last summer.

Texting with one phone, talking in another?

Doing situps or reaching for more candy? What was the photographer thinking.
Dont you just love finding pictures like this of yourself looking like a butt.

Postat av: Anonym

My pleasure, anything for this young lady.

2009-02-22 @ 19:59:34
Postat av: Eivor

Spännande blogg med fina bilder och en musiksmak som passar mig. Ifall du undrade över flygbilderna så flyger jag med min man i ett litet tvåsitsigt ultralätt plan. Han flyger och jag fotograferar. Under sommaren får planet pontoner så vi kan landa på sjön.

2009-02-23 @ 11:22:36
Postat av: Cami

Underbart Eivor! Kan tanka mig alla fina kort man kan ta uppifran, berg, sjoar, solnedgangar osv! Ska halla koll pa din blogg!

2009-02-23 @ 15:41:25
Postat av: Raíssa


thanks for you visit ;)

You have a good blog too. Very good pics.

Ohhh . I want this bed for me xD


2009-02-23 @ 19:43:47

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