Burned coffee and rain

Ok, i'm just gonig to be brief today, no layouts, no new pics.. maybe I'll add an old one.
The coffee pot somehow burned the coffee. Not cool.
I just came home from Buffalo, and believe it or not it was warmer there than here. It's raining and chilly.
I had the best weekend like every time I visit.
My flight was delayed on Fri, I ended up getting in to Buffalo very late. We went out, did some shopping, broke Chris' camera, saw some movies, ate good food and desserts and hung out! Good times.
My car is still at the shop, no word on when it's getting back.

We booked tickets for Florida too, I am sooo excited! We are flying to Jacksonville July 22nd - 26th!

Robo backstage.

Postat av: Aja H

I know you asked for no more posting coms here but this is beautiful hunnnnn <3

2009-05-06 @ 02:13:56
Postat av: hannah

sv: vad trevligt att höra (:

snygg är du.

2009-05-06 @ 10:24:00
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