It's warm and nice out, the sun is suppose to be shining all week, that makes me soo happy!
Hahaha looks like fireworks on my cellphone camera!

My favorite picture of my Tipin the diva :)

Manel has a new career, she's a rapper. I just found these pictures circulating online..

This is what happens when she's not supervised by me.
I think I need to go to Sweden and striaghten this girl up.

Postat av: Chocomanel

Woman, i've just posted some niice pics from the EBD-dinner last friday:) Hehe, it was crazy and soo much fun!

Also - dont we just LOVE the Sartorialist?!

2009-03-04 @ 23:31:40
Postat av: Me

yah we love the Sartorialist. he's the man. i want to be his assistant.

checking your pics out right now :)

2009-03-04 @ 23:37:24
Postat av: Chocomanel

Hahaha - well, what can I say. It seems those boys were able to talk me in to preforming that Apaché Dance haha.

Wish you'd have been there, you'd love it.

2009-03-05 @ 09:11:40
Postat av: Stenen

Vems hund?

2009-03-11 @ 00:22:20
Postat av: S

Precious PIPI!! Does she live with you or in Stockholm now?

2009-03-12 @ 19:23:08
Postat av: IM

TIPI-RAT! How is she? Remember when she was a pup? man that was the smallest thing.. I was scared to sit on her or something lol..


2009-03-19 @ 22:45:03

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