Just got home from Buffalo, after a great weekend with the man.
We cooked and watched movies and went to the St. Patricks Day celebrations in Buffalo.. And we went to an Art Museuem! I love that stuff! Makes me want to find my colors and brushes and call in sick for a couple of days. Like a crazy craving to do something with color and hands. thank you thank you Chris for taking me there!
That was a perfect end to a busy busy week!  No matter how much I love my work, it wears me out at times haha!
I don't think I have much to write about in my blog, I prefer to show life in pictures, and there were pictures taken, but for now, I dont have any.. except this, of Baltimore from above.

An article in New York Times:
44 Places to go to in 2009.

1.   Beirut
2.   Washington, D.C   (Been to many times)
3.   Galapagos
4.   Berlin (Been to)
5.   Las Vegas   (Yes yes.. good times forsho)
6.   Fjallnas, Sweden (Been to)
7.   Hawaii
8.   Vienna (Layovers but not visited)
9.   Dohar
10. Dakar, Senegal
11. Maremma, Italy
12. Phuket, Thailand (Been twice)
13. Marrakesh
14. Chicago (Stayed for 4 months)
15. Aegean Sea
16. Monterrey, Mexico
17. Dallas
18. Bhutan
19. Florida Keyes (Vacation)
20. Rome
21. Cuba
22. Penang, Malaysia
23. Seychelles
24. Florianopolis, Brazil
25. Copenhagen    (Been to many many times)
26. Boracay, Filipines
27. Monument Valley
28. Star Island, the Bahamas   (Twice)
29. Castles in Britain
30. Cologne
31. Reykjavik   (Multiple layovers, but never actually left the airport)
32. Red Sea, Egypt    (Vacation in 2003)
33. Deauville, France
34. South Africa
35. India
36. Kazakhstan
37. Buffalo (Yes;)
38. Madagaskar
39. Metz, France
40. Tazmania
41. Stockholm (Born and raised!)
42. Alaska
43. A Pennsylvania Farm (Briefly)
44. Zambia.

Personally I think there are alot of good places that should have been on this list, but the list is based on Gisela Williams Kramer and Seth Sheerwoods travelling and with a lil background check you can find that Mrs. Williams Kramer is a food and wine journalist who has lived in some of these places (She might write rewievs from a residents perspective, not a tourist's) and Seth Sheerwood is all about the artitectual developments in Europe. 
A very great list tho, I have enjoyed some of these places myself :)

Check out more detailed:

Postat av: Anonym

Bor du inte i Buffalo?

2009-03-16 @ 16:08:04
Postat av: Anonym

Hawaii is soo nice.. not the last time I will go here......

Micke @ Hawaii

Blå Himmel

2009-03-17 @ 00:14:51
Postat av: Anonym

Du kan ju alltid komma hit till Berlin!

Maila mig gumman, vill veta allt!


2009-03-17 @ 18:18:15
Postat av: JW

Cami dear you travel soo much, I wish life would take me places too! But I have this wonderful life here, not complaining at all honey!


2009-03-17 @ 21:28:56
Postat av: Camilla

Nej jag bor i Baltimore ju!

Hawaii, wonderful wonderful my friend, glad you're having a good time! You deserve it!

Berlin finns inte pa schemat -Annu! Har sa manga andra besok som ska bli gjorda forst! Lets prata pa msn nar vi ar pa samtidigt!

2009-03-18 @ 01:31:06

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