Picked up some of the few things from Old Washington Road today.

Q and I went to Annapolis and it was a beautiful, warm day, lots of people downtown and we ate at Middletons.
When did every Annapolis resident get a dog? Dogs everywhere. Even on the boats!

Kevers is still mad.

Im planning my Sweden vacation for this summer, let me know who all is going to be home and who not.. I'd like to see all my cutie patooties!

On the list:

-My dear Manel.

Postat av: Jasse o Rickard

Vi e hemma hela sommarn gumsan, kom till oss en vecka eller 2! Vi ses !! :)))) <3

2009-02-09 @ 02:31:22
Postat av: B

Eeeh, beg your pardon? I think ms. Goldie well be spending like a month ( at least) a bit down south in good old Sweden. We got some catching - up to do!

2009-02-09 @ 19:58:40
Postat av: Anonym

Never get to see you when you come home dork.

How's life? How's love life and work?

2009-02-10 @ 04:44:29

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