..I got some sleep! No waking up and coughing or stuff like that. Last night I went to do some more cleaning in Elkridge. I am kind of scared to think that all the things I moved from there to here one day is going to be moved again. It's ridiculous how much stuff stuff one has, without knowing it. And I've only lived here for 4 years! Madness.

Cool stuff! 

Missed memories!

And the lunch line at PotBelly's doesn't move. Theyre cutting into my lunch break!

WTF, Hahahaha check out this scary commercial! Traumatizing kids in the 80's!!
I would have had bad nightmares about this Humpty Dumpty.

And this one.. wanna buy furniture from Mr Norton on Payne Avenue???

Postat av: Anonym

What a sexy nerd you are lol

2009-02-27 @ 19:16:16
Postat av: MOFO

WTF is that egg face? fuck I wanna kill it.

2009-03-12 @ 19:29:26

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