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Ok, I've sorted papers tonight, and I mean all of it.. banking, insurance stuff, receipts, work things, letters, car thingies and such.
You know, boing but so nice when it's done with.. And I found some stuff I tohught I've lost.
I also took out summer clothes, need to wash them, very cool, Baltimore is in full blossom and spring fresh,
It wont take long and it's going to be HOT! Then we will be complaining about how ubearable the heat is, we'll be sweating,
burned, dehydrated and hoping for it to cool down. Then i packed away winter jackets. I did all kinds of cleaning for some hours and it looks very nice.
Now I need to mess it up.
I have still not received my MD license.. I need it!!

There's just so many people out there that I miss and care for, I fail to tell them so. But I hope you know it.

To do next week;

~Call Administaff
~Print out schedule
~Get a freakin GPS charger (1 year late)
~Get earrings fixed
~Get frames up
~Fix jeans
~Fix button for shirt
~Grocery shop
~Find b-day gift, send it
~Plan plan

HAHAHAHAH Im just reading in the Swedish news that the good ol' Svartenbrandt has escaped. AGAIN! It's like a repeating fumiliar tradition by now.
In and out of jail for the past 45 years.
The poor man, sure, he is not innocent, he's got a serious thing for robbing banks. When he fights with his wife -he goes and robs a bank.
When he has a bad day -he robs a bank.. Always with a plastic toy gun.


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